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Definition: A Collegiate Disciple is a high school senior that makes a commitment to be a disciple of Christ during their freshman year in college.
Commitments: A Collegiate Disciple makes a commitment to:
1. Acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord.
2. To be active in the ministry of the Baptist Collegiate Ministry of the college or university they will be attending.
3. To either stay or become active in a local church in the city of their college or university.
4. To read God's Word on a daily basis.
5. To participate in a Discipleship Group on a weekly basis. A suggested study is Masterlife.
6. To have a Discipleship Partner that will serve as a mentor and prayer partner. The BCM Director will secure an upperclassman college student to serve as the Discipleship Partner.
7. To determine and use his or her spiritual gifts.
8. To share the gospel of Jesus Christ.
9. To participate in a mission trip with the BCM or their church during their freshman year in college.


TESTIMONIES - Click here to read testimonies of Collegiate Disciples.


BCMLIFE.NET - Click here to find the name and contact information of the BCM Director of your college or university.


TEXASFRESHMEN.COM - Click here if you will be attending a college or university in Texas.


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