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㉠chose to be a Collegiate Disciple because I feel like it is a calling. It can help me out to have a closer relationship with Christ. It can help make disciples of other people. Matthew 28:19-20 tells us to do this. By dong Collegiate Disciple, I hope to not only grow closer to Christ, myself, but also to lead others people to Christ too.䭏livia West

㉠did it because I am going to college at LSU and I am very comfortable in my youth group now and I know that I wonⴠhave that, so I thought that this program would help me to stay committed to my faith. 㠖 Brittany Spencer

㔨e people that were helping with the groups at Collegiate Evangelism Conference were so on fire for their BCM, it just made me want to sign up for it!䠖 Cassidy Simpson

㉴ helps with self-motivation and self-discipline when it comes to staying faithful to the Christian walk.䭋allie Sheridan

㉠really felt that Collegiate Disciple would help me grow and be able to be closer to God when I⭠in college.䠖 Kadee McKoin, ULM
㉠wanted to be an example for my siblings and to my church family. I want them to know that they could count on me even though I⭠away from home. I want them to know I⭠still growing.䠖 Katie Jinks
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